British Science Festival connects people with cutting-edge innovation in Exeter

  • August 15th 2023

Celebrate the people, stories and ideas at the heart of science with us at the University of Exeter this September.

This year’s British Science Festival, hosted by the University of Exeter, will be taking over Exeter between 7-10 September with hands-on workshops, fascinating discussions and mind-bending performances. As part of the Festival programme researchers from across our themes will be delivering interactive experiences designed to showcase our innovative research and connect with people in the local community. Four events will highlight the breadth of innovative translational research across our partnership.

The British Science Festival is Europe’s longest standing Science Festival. Travelling to a different place in the United Kingdom each year, the festival aims to connect people with scientists, engineers, technologists and social scientists. It’s all about making scientific research and innovation relevant and accessible to everyone; a chance to shine a spotlight on cutting-edge technologies, new ideas and exciting possibilities. Because involving more people in science leads to better results.

BRC Events

VSimulators: virtual reality and beyond

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 September


Drop-in activity – no need to book

VSimulators is a cutting-edge facility for human factors research based at the University of Exeter’s multi-disciplinary research facility at Exeter Science Park. It offers a virtual reality, motion platform and motion capture technology and supports our Rehabilitation theme’s research around Parkinson’s Disease, Meniere’s Disease, ataxias and chronic ankle instability.

Virtual Reality (VR) is now something many of us are aware of. But what role can VR play in research? Join the VSimulators team to try out some cutting-edge VR technology and hear more about how we’re using this technology, combined with a motion platform, motion capture technology and wearable devices to support our Rehabilitation research by recreating a range of physical and virtual immersive environments.

PROTECT your brain health

Thursday 7 September


Drop-in activity – no need to book

As we age, our bodies and brains naturally start to slow down. But there’s lots we can do to keep ourselves healthy as we get older.

Keeping our brains healthy can help us stay active and independent, as well as reducing our risk of major conditions like dementia. So what can we do to protect our brain as we age?

From challenging your brainpower to taking part in clinical trials, join the PROTECT study research team, part of our Neurodegeneration theme research to explore what we know so far about how our brains age and how to keep them healthy. Experience the breadth of research in this important area and get the chance to take part in groundbreaking new studies testing your brain against our digital brain training programme.

One size does not fit all

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 September


Drop-in activity – no need to book

We all know the importance of appropriate footwear when participating in physical activity. But did you know the importance of ensuring footwear is specific to different groups in the population? For instance, women’s feet tend to be shaped like a triangle while men’s are more like a rectangle, our feet also tend to get wider as we get older.

Joe Reeves and Sharon Dixon, researchers working within our Rehabilitation theme, are working with industry partners on a project called MISFIT. Aiming to keep women active throughout their lifespan by working to understand differences in foot shape as well as the forces spread across our feet when we play sport. Their work can help companies like partner either sport to develop safe and comfortable footwear.

Come try out the equipment and see a 3D scan of your feet!

Killer Fungus

Friday 8 September


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There has been a deadly fungus outbreak! Do you have what it takes to fight it? Work against the clock through a real life clinical scenario to find out more about the fungal threat around us and how to beat it.

Join researchers working in our Clinical Mycology theme, experts from the Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Exeter to solve the clues surrounding the mysterious illness that is taking over the local area. Delve into their research and implement lifesaving treatments to help combat this global threat.

Tickets for all the events are free and open to everyone. Over 70 free events, activities and experiences will be held at Streatham campus as well as at venues across Exeter. Recommended for 16 Plus, but open to all ages.

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