Improving diagnosis and treatment, and exploring how to help those most at risk.

In the UK 4.8M people have diabetes which is a major cause of death, cardiovascular disease, renal failure, and blindness. Managing diabetes and its long-term complications in primary and secondary care represents a significant cost to the NHS.

But preventing new cases, providing accurate early diagnosis, and improved treatment for people with diabetes can play a huge role in reducing the burden on services. Our research, with patients at its centre, focuses on the three strands of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

By working with our partners and colleagues across our research themes we are identifying innovative ways of preventing and diagnosing diabetes, helping those most at risk of developing the disease, and finding the treatments that best fit the needs of the individual according to their type of diabetes. By using targeted approaches and precision medicine we are helping people to get the right treatment as quickly as possible and help limit the possible lifelong complications of the disease.

The Exeter Centre of Excellence for Diabetes Research (EXCEED) is the home of Exeter’s world-leading diabetes research team. Thier unique expertise, pioneering research, and cutting-edge innovation in technology, is challenging the way scientists approach diabetes research and transforming patient care throughout the world.

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Watch this video to hear our theme lead, Prof Andrew Hattersley talk about our world-leading approach to diabetes research

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