Working with Industry

Working in partnership with industry to bring health benefits to the people of the South West and beyond

Developing commercial partnerships in health and medicine means that we can bring medical technologies out of the lab and into treatment centres. 

We’re using experimental medicine and translational research to strengthen our research, improve medical technologies and devices, evaluate and develop new biomarkers and find new drugs and develop new treatments which can benefit our South West communities. We’re actively engaging people in research like clinical trials to help make sure that our communities’ healthcare needs are understood, represented and met.

We use innovative ways of working such as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Innovation Scouts and Professors in Practice, inspiring and engaging colleagues to draw on their expertise and networks as we develop a team of clinical and biomedical researchers focused on benefits for patients through deepening relationships with industry.

We have access to a wide range of cutting-edge pharmaceutical trials and digital biomarkers and extensive industry links including Roche, DECODE, CYTOX, Biogen and Alkermes  Abbvie, Life Molecular Imaging and Eli Lilly as well as Novo Nordisk and Astra Zeneca. We are expanding our programme of clinical trials and are keen to collaborate with a range of health innovation partners and to hear from potential new partners to bring breakthroughs along the research pipeline towards implementation.

Meet our Professor in Practice

Read a Q&A with Professor Seb Brown

Working in partnership with industry

Working in partnership

Working across our partnership between the Royal Devon and the University of Exeter, we’re supporting colleagues to develop spinout companies, using experimental medicine and translational research, to develop new technologies and treatments. Our partnership and existing links to industry means that we have access to a wide range of cutting-edge pharmaceutical trials and digital biomarkers.

Our different types of service

We can offer a range of services to foster deepening links with industry and add value to device, drug, and biomarker development.

Access to patients and data

You can access our population and data through established relationships with communities, patients and the public

Research resources

Access to our research resources and equipment as a one-off service or longer collaboration

Access to intellectual property

Intellectual property is constantly being developed by the BRC, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and University of Exeter

Research expertise

Work with our network of world leading experts across our five core themes

Research facilities

Access to our research facilities, clinical infrastructure and expertise

Study design support

We can support you to plan and deliver your study in the NHS and wider health and care setting