How to involve people in research

Putting people at the centre of research to make it stronger

Why involve people in research?

Involving people and patients in research (PPIE) makes it stronger and more relevant to the people it stands to benefit. We can help researchers to involve members of the public in their research, meaningfully.

“To understand the world through research, we need to work with the world and people in it, not treat it as separate to us."

Dr Kristin Liabo, PenARC PPIE lead and Deputy Director

How do I involve people in my research?

When involving people in research, it’s important to think about who you want to involve, what you might be asking from them and how you might use their feedback to improve your research.

You might also have practical questions about how to find people to input into your research, how to facilitate a meeting, and how much you should pay public collaborators for supporting your research.

This page on the PenARC website has multiple useful resources to provide information and practical advice on getting people involved. This includes the payment policy for the ARC which we also follow.

Please do also look on our Support pages for more ways that we can help you to involve patients and the public in your research.

“When we step into the unknown, we begin to learn. If we take that step together, we can create new ways of seeing and new solutions to the problems we all share."

Patient Advocate Angela King

People involved

Jess Smith

Patient & Public Involvement Engagement Manager

Hat Porter

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Officer