Angus is a clinician scientist who combines research in diabetes with work as a consultant physician in the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Trust. His research interests are in precision approaches to the management of diabetes, with a focus on practical approaches that can impact clinical practice now or in the near future. This includes approaches to improving clinical classification of diabetes, both through optimising use of classification biomarkers such as C-peptide and islet autoantibodies, and through development of prediction models to combine clinical features and biomarkers to guide diabetes classification and treatment. This work has informed national and international guidance in this area.

Additional interests include developing stratified approaches to treatment of type 2 diabetes, and, as part of his work with the University of Exeter NIHR Global Health Group, approaches to effective diabetes diagnosis, monitoring and classification in low resource settings. Angus' research combines new multi-centre clinical studies with analysis of data from healthcare records, trial and observational studies and he works closely with methodology, laboratory and clinical colleagues, alongside many national and international collaborators.

Angus is Director (with Co-Director Professor Moffat Nyirenda, MRC/UVRI/LSHTM Uganda Research Unit) of an NIHR Global Health Group studying diabetes in Sub-Saharan Africa, working closely with investigators to understand the optimal approach to diagnosing, preventing and managing diabetes in the Sub-Saharan African setting, and building research capacity.

  • Key research interests include:
  • Practical C-peptide testing, and its clinical utility
  • Accurate classification of diabetes
  • Optimising individual’s treatment response in type 2 diabetes