Anne is Professor in Dementia Research and Director for Business Engagement and Innovation for the Department of Health and Community Sciences. Her research is in brain health in ageing and digital research methodologies.

She leads the PROTECT research team, coordinating a broad portfolio of international research in cognitive and brain health and has developed an innovative digital research platform which delivers large-scale research using remote and online approaches. These include large longitudinal studies such as the flagship PROTECT-UK ageing cohort, remote clinical trials, remote biomarker sampling and computerised cognitive assessment systems. The PROTECT portfolio spans ten countries, hosts over 100 collaborations and is funded by a wide network of partnerships in both academic and industry sectors. The portfolio is closely affiliated to the Exeter BRC.

Professor Corbett is leading our new digital platform, PORTAL, which will apply the PROTECT platform technology to recruit, triage and fast-track participants to our research studies. This will boost delivery of biomarker studies and clinical research within our portfolio. Professor Corbett is also lead for our cutting-edge VITAL study, which will validate a remote finger-prick blood sampling technology for detection of neurodegeneration biomarkers.