Carol is a Research and Development professional and drug development expert with over 30 years of experience within UK and US based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and the non-profit sector with a focus on drug acquisition and profiling of NCEs and biologics. 

She also has experience in managing a semi-philanthropic dementia fund with a key focus on identifying and developing novel disease-modifying mechanisms for the treatment of diseases that cause dementia, sourcing opportunities from academic research groups and small companies.  She supports companies on Advisory and Management Boards and providing consultancy for a number of Biotech and SME companies.  

Carol has supported University of Exeter researchers in the therapeutic areas; AD, PD, psychiatric disorders, Huntingdon's (including an epigenetic diagnostic approach), Mitochondrial disorders, Psychosis in AD/PD, Motor Neurone Disease (including an epigenetic diagnostic approach), inflammatory disorders, antibiotic-resistant infections and oncology. She is experienced in working with Biotech and Pharma and initiating and supporting collaborations with UK universities.