Fiona is a diagnostic radiographer and the BSc programme lead for BSc level six degree apprentices in diagnostic radiography and imaging at the University of Exeter, with more than 150 apprentices. The first cohort of degree apprentice radiographers graduated in March 2023.

She is also a senior lecturer and undertakes research in both the musculoskeletal and imaging domains with a focus on biomechanics and back pain. She has experience in research, teaching, mentoring, medical imaging, radiotherapy, risk assessment, audit, and quality management. She strives to achieve an optimum research, teaching, learning and assessment environment that is inclusive and diverse.

Fiona facilitates and partakes in cross professional research collaborations in many areas. She is the past treasurer of the Radiological Research Trust and a reviewer for a number of journals and an external examiner. She is active within the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) research mentorship group and regularly undertakes charitable work.