Kashyap is a Consultant Physician in Diabetes/Endocrinology, dedicated to unraveling the genetic mysteries of diabetes and improving patient care. His primary focus involves understanding the role of genes in diabetes, particularly rare familial forms often misdiagnosed as more common types.

Utilising cutting-edge DNA sequencing and large datasets, Dr Patel's team explore innovative ways to diagnose and comprehend genetic forms of diabetes. Their collaboration with the NHS Exeter genomics lab facilitates the translation of groundbreaking genetic discoveries into routine patient testing.

As a Wellcome Trust Fellow and Consultant Physician, Kashyap's research has unearthed new diabetes genes, significantly enhancing diagnosis and counselling. These identified genes are now integral to NHS lab testing, offering widespread benefits to patients. Additionally, his work has debunked misconceptions surrounding three suspected genes, preventing global misdiagnoses.

He is committed to expanding genetic testing beyond European-focused populations, advocating for inclusivity in diabetes research. His contributions to a type 1 diabetes genetic risk score have been adopted by the NHS, reflecting his dedication to integrating research into enhanced patient care. Leading large cohort studies on MODY, Kashyap aims to shape counselling and testing strategies as genetic testing expands before disease onset. Looking forward, his vision is to continue unraveling genetic complexities, contributing to the evolution of personalised and effective diabetes care.