Maedeh is a senior research fellow in digital health innovation and public health with expertise and interest in adopting, evaluating, and further developing and supporting the implementation of cutting-edge technologies (I.e. XR) into the health context. Throughout her career, she has been a driving force in forging robust collaborations between academia and industry, contributing significantly to the evolution of rehabilitation science and public health.

Dr Mansoubi's research projects, in collaboration with industry partners, have resulted in the creation of virtual rehabilitation assessment tools, immersive technologies, and innovative treatment protocols. This transformative research has been successfully implemented by Good Boost AI, a leading digital health company, and has been widely adopted by NHS, as well as major leisure providers. By bridging the gap between academic research and practical industry applications, Dr Mansoubi's work is significantly enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals worldwide. She is currently leading Two projects at NIHR Exeter BRC, Digital Physio OT and knee4 life projects.

Before joining the University of Exeter, she held a position as the lead for Technology, Innovation, and Digital Health at the Oxford Clinical Allied Technology and Trial Service Unit, where she engaged with numerous companies. She continues to maintain partnerships with a diverse array of SMEs, supporting them in securing grants and developing and delivering clinical trials. She is currently leading several projects in collaboration with various national and international companies to facilitate the seamless integration of cutting-edge digital health innovations into real-world settings. Through these global partnerships, she is making significant strides in advancing the fields of virtual rehabilitation and public health on a global scale.

Dr Mansoubi also has a special interest in mentoring and teaching; she is the co-module lead of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Exeter Medical School.