Having obtained a first-class integrated Masters in Biochemistry from Lancaster University, Will started with the NIHR Exeter BRC in September 2023. His primary research area of interest is neuroimmunology; the study of the interaction between the immune and nervous systems. This drew him to apply to the PhD project, entitled ‘A new link between microbial pathogenesis and dementia: establishing the role of fungal infection in potentiating Alzheimer’s Disease risk’, primarily supervised by Dr Carolina Coelho. Through this, Will plans to explore how brain-infecting fungi, specifically Cryptococcus neoformans, can induce changes in the brain’s immune system which may trigger or enhance neurodegenerative processes associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Independent of his project, he maintains a keen interest in neuropharmacology and the endocannabinoid system. Both are areas he wants to incorporate into research during his career.