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We help to progress high-quality translational research across our theme areas, addressing the most pressing health issues for our communities


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Platform for Online Recruitment, Triage and Assessment for Brain Health Research (Brain Health PORTAL)


Creating a new digital resource for brain health research in adults

The VITAL Study


Assessing at-home blood testing to help detect Alzheimer’s and related diseases in older adults.

Using brain cells to treat diabetes


Exploring the role of insulin and islet protection factors released from stem cell derived neural cells to help improve treatment for diabetes

Assessing Cancer Predisposition in UK and Iceland Populations using whole genome sequencing

Genetics and Genomics

Using large genomic datasets to evaluate the impact of pathogenic genetic variants on a person’s likelihood of developing cancer

Antifungal drug delivery in a 3D infection microenvironment

Clinical mycology

Improving treatment for fungal infections

Discovering novel genes and pathomechanisms underlying rare neurodevelopmental disorders in Pakistan

Genetics and Genomics

Understanding how genes cause rare brain disorders in Pakistan

Is BCG immunisation resulting in protective immune responses against fungal pathogens?

Clinical mycology

Researching whether BCG vaccination helps to prevent fungal infections

Whole genome sequencing to identify cis and trans regulators of the proteome

Genetics and Genomics

Identifying genetic variants associated with levels of proteins circulating in blood

Drug Repurposing in Neonatal Diabetes Study


Investigating the effect of an existing medicine on people with neonatal diabetes

Developing a protocol to isolate motor neurons from post-mortem brains for molecular profiling


Improving DNA testing for neurodegenerative diseases

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to investigate Glymphatic System alterations in Clinically Isolated Syndrome


Understanding the role of the Glymphatic System in Multiple Sclerosis

Cardiovascular disease in the context of multiple long-term conditions and frailty


Using hospital data to improve treatment of older people with cardiovascular disease