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Understanding genetic risk could save sight and predict multiple sclerosis earlier in young people

  • March 5th 2024

Lifetime achievement award in double win for Exeter diabetes professor

  • March 5th 2024
International accolades for Prof Noel Morgan in recognition of his contribution to progress in understanding type 1 diabetes.

£4.3million funding for world-leading research into severe mental illness

  • March 5th 2024
UKRI funding will progress understanding, diagnosis and treatment of severe mental illness through a new Mental Health Platform Research Hub.

Closing the gap: building equality, diversity and inclusion into our training recruitment process

  • February 26th 2024
Building equality, diversity and inclusion into our recruitment process as we develop the next generation of translational researchers.

Nearly £5 million from Wellcome to improve type 2 diabetes diagnosis in diverse populations

  • February 19th 2024
New Wellcome funding will help researchers understand and develop better blood tests to diagnose type 2 diabetes.

Top academics join University of Exeter as part of neuroscience expansion

  • February 6th 2024
Leading neuroscientists will soon be joining our team of world-leading Neurodegeneration researchers.

Playing an instrument linked to better brain health in older adults

  • January 29th 2024
Neurodegeneration research shows that engaging in music throughout life is associated with better brain health in older age.

Long term high blood sugar can cause upper limb problems including frozen shoulder

  • January 23rd 2024
New research reveals link between high blood sugar and upper limb problems including frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Digital training programme improves quality of life for care residents with dementia – even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • December 20th 2023
Collaborative research across the NIHR leads to improved quality of life for people with dementia living in residential and nursing home care.

Inspiring the next generation of Women in STEM - a personal reflection

  • December 12th 2023
Newly-appointed Translational Fellow Dr Olga Nev shares her reflections on the importance of encouraging young women to follow their STEM dreams.

Black Internship Programme helps kickstart Health Data Science careers

  • December 11th 2023
We are delighted to be supporting the Health Data Science Black Internship Programme 2024, a brilliant way to gain hands-on experience, carrying out practical projects in the real world.

Zinc shows promise as surprising emerging treatment for thrush 

  • December 6th 2023
New Exeter BRC-supported research could one day pave the way for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections (thrush), by shedding new light on how microbes in the body absorb zinc.