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The researchers helping to shape the future at the BRC

  • November 28th 2023
We catch up with one of our first Translational Fellows to hear what the training opportunity means to him, his research and career.

£2.9m for new HealthTech Research Centre to aid diagnosis and treatment of dementia and decline in brain health

  • November 14th 2023
£2.9 million will fund a new National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) HealthTech Research Centre, designed to accelerate the advancement of cutting-edge technology to better understand brain health and ageing and help people live healthier lives for longer.

Wearable device aims to transform mobility in Parkinson's

  • November 13th 2023
A pioneering partnership involving our Rehabilitation theme lead is developing the use of wearable devices to transform mobility for people with Parkinson’s – unlocking the potential for greater independence and preventing potential injury.

Pancreas gene finding gives new insights into human development and aids search for type 1 diabetes cure

  • November 13th 2023
Understanding how the human pancreas develops is crucial to allow scientists to make insulin producing–beta cells in the quest to cure Type 1 diabetes. Now, scientists have made a unique and surprising discovery - a gene that is essential for making the pancreas in humans is not present in almost all other animals.

Nearly £6 million investment bringing health technology innovations to the South West

  • November 13th 2023
The Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Exeter are set to open a new centre for healthcare technology in the South West, thanks to national funding.

Brain health in over 50s deteriorated more rapidly during the pandemic

  • October 30th 2023
'Brain health in over 50s deteriorated more rapidly during the pandemic, even if they didn’t have COVID-19, according to major new research linking the pandemic to sustained cognitive decline.'

Peninsula’s first Biomedical Research Centre celebrates potential for the region at official launch

  • October 12th 2023
A year after our NIHR funding was announced we've been celebrating the positive impact of our new centre on the region, patients and people, at an offficial launch.

New research sheds light on genetics of placenta growth and link to preeclampsia in mother

  • October 5th 2023
New research has shed light on how genetics influences the growth of the placenta, revealing a link to risk of disease in the mother.

Interactive UK Fungus Day event to showcase fascinating fungi at the University of Exeter

  • October 4th 2023
World-leading fungi research is being showcased in a fun and innovative way at an open-doors event at the University of Exeter to mark UK Fungus Day this weekend.

Double European award success includes more than £500,000 for rising star of diabetes research

  • October 4th 2023
Dr Elisa de Franco, a rising star in the field of diabetes and human genetics, and a leading diabetes researcher at our Exeter BRC has received two prestigious awards.

Peninsula’s first Biomedical Research Centre celebrates year’s progress at official launch

  • October 4th 2023
We're gearing up for our launch on Monday when we'll be celebrating the successes of our first year keeping people at the heart of what we do.

Exeter’s Medical Mycology Centre attains prestigious international diamond status  

  • September 12th 2023
"A world leading medical mycology centre, an essential member of our research family, has been accredited with a top-level rating for excellence in research facilities and knowledge input."