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Long Covid can impact fatigue and quality of life worse than some cancers

  • June 8th 2023
A new study examining the impact of Long Covid on peoples' lives finds there are still questions to be answered.

Phage structure captured for the first time, to benefit biotech applications

  • June 5th 2023
New insights into the structure of phages will enable researchers to develop new uses for the viruses in biotechnology.

World-class Exeter nurse clinches $250,000 coveted prize for transforming diabetes care

  • June 5th 2023
A Leading Exeter diabetes nurse has pipped over fifty thousand competitors to the international $250,000 (£200,000) Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award.

Prestigious £2.5 million award to fund new evidence synthesis facility at Exeter

  • June 2nd 2023
£2.5 million to establish one of nine centres in the UK to make sure that patients and service users receive the best quality care

Research maps pathways to support for parent carer mental health

  • June 2nd 2023
Investigating mental health support for parent carers of children with special educational needs or disability.

Biotech spinout working to reverse cellular ageing to reduce risk of disease nominated for global award

  • June 2nd 2023
A spinout company which builds on University of Exeter research has been nominated for a prestigious award.

Gene editing tool could help reduce spread of antimicrobial resistance

  • June 2nd 2023
A new tool which could help reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance is showing early promise, through exploiting a bacterial immune system as a gene editing tool.

£2 million NIHR funding announced for fracture rehabilitation research

  • May 19th 2023
£2 million from the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) will fund two studies that aim to improve rehabilitation after arm fractures.

University of Exeter researcher awarded a prestigious Wellcome Early Career Award for diabetes research

  • May 11th 2023
University of Exeter researcher awarded prestigious Wellcome Early Career Award for research to improve treatment for type 2 diabetes.

5,500 people diagnosed with rare genetic diseases in major research study

  • April 17th 2023
Major nationwide study helps improve diagnosis of genetic causes of severe developmental disorders

£2.5 million European Research Council Advanced Grant to help reduce impact of falls

  • March 30th 2023
A major research award worth over £2.5 million has been awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) to support cutting-edge University of Exeter research involving virtual reality, aiming find new ways to prevent older people falling.

Crowdfunder launched for lifesaving research into deadly meningitis in HIV

  • March 28th 2023
A University of Exeter crowdfunder launched in time for World Aids Day to fund vital research and education aimed at stopping all deaths from a form of meningitis that is deadly to those living with HIV by 2030.